Comviq Kontant Amigos - Overview

  • Call extremely inexpensively to other countries for prices beginning at SEK 0.45 per minute.
  • Call within Sweden for prices beginning at SEK 0 per minute.


Calls, SMS and MMS
To Tele2/Comviq mobiles/min SEK 0
To other operators/fixed networks/min SEK 0.69
Send SMS/each SEK 0.49
Send MMS/each SEK 0.69
Connection fee 0.69
Maximum price - surfing with your mobile** SEK 8/day
Other prices
Top-up voucher denominations* SEK 100/SEK 200
Video calls Pricelist
Call message service/min SEK 2.95

Prices to other countries
Regular prices per minute: (SEK, incl. VAT)


Select country in the list above.
Prices are charged per initiated minute.
* The SEK 100 denomination can only be purchased as a top-up voucher via retailers; this denomination cannot be loaded via our website.

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